Advanced Design

Advanced Design

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Up to 5 Pages of Web Content
  • Built To Your Specifications
  • Professional Intake and Consultation
  • Built Using Elementor
  • SEO Friendly


Advanced Design

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Creation of highly customized WordPress site, up to 2 homepage and inner page mockups, and revisions.

Development of high-quality WordPress site for your business niche with content creation. Includes three pages of 350 words content. After which you are able to add your own extra pages and content. Includes activation of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.

The Process

Mockup Creation

We create two mock-up studies for the homepage and innerpage.

Mockup Revisions

We edit the mock-up based on the feedback.

Website Development

We create the website based on the approved mock-up.

Client Revision 1

We implement the revision based on the feedback:

  • Removal of sections
  • Color scheme
  • Fonts

Content Integration

We integrate the content based on the approved innerpage mock-up and the five-page template we built.

Client Revision 2

We implement the revision based on the feedback:

  • Image Change, Content Integration
  • Banner Elements (not redesign), Social Media Link

Pre-Launch Qa

We do a quality check on the website based on our checklist and the client's instruction.

Website Migration

Once our QA team and developers complete the Quality Assurance process, we begin migrating the site to your host provider. During this period, our developers will require the access to hosting so please ensure the access credentials and tokens have been provided.

Post-Launch Quality Assurance And Handover

Once the site has been migrated, our Quality Assurance team goes through the site once more to ensure the site is fully functional and working as intended through our predefined checklist.


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