Steps To Rank For A Keyword During Website Redesign

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If you want to have your website redesigned in the best possible way and make it work like never before, you should get your sights on and focus more on a keyword. This will help you to see your website feature on the elusive first page of Google for a specific search term.

Therefore, you will need to prepare yourself because this is not an easy task and you are not New York Times or Wikipedia to gain the number one spot automatically. However difficult it is, rest assured that it is not impossible. Seriously, most of the sites do it all the time!

Typically, ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repetitive process. You will not get the desired results every time you want, especially when you wish to rank your new website for a specific and popular keyword. However, you can make this happen if you do the following:

  • Take content marketing seriously
  • Focus more on SEO
  • Consider your rankings
  • Find ways to increase website traffic and sales volume.

There is so much to do and everything should be done correctly. Here are a few steps that will help you a great deal in the process of website redesign SEO.

Lay the Foundation

Every project starts with a strong groundwork. This is actually more of a preparatory step than the first step. In here, you will need to have some basics correct and put them in the right place. This will ensure that you rank for any randomly chosen keyword. There are a few pre-requisites for this such as:

  • You must have a strong website and it should be around for a longer time. this will make sure that it accrues more authority and links.
  • It is also necessary to make sure that your entire website follows the SEO best practices. If you do not know what it means exactly or how to go about it, you should start with the Webmaster Guidelines of Google.
  • You must also have a proper network to draw on so that you can to rank quickly for your chosen keyword. You will find it very easy to share new content with a built-in network. 

All these preparatory stuff will help you in ways more than one including increasing the chances of:

  • Your blog following
  • The audience on social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • The number of email contacts and 
  • Your reach out for sporadic help with a link. 

That means you will need to consider using link building as an effective tool for your relationship building.

However, you should take your time to prepare yourself and not rush your process to achieve Internet gold. Remember, Google is very strict with site rankings and if you do not do everything right for the first time, you will surely have to do them all over again in the future.

Initial keyword research

You must know the specific keyword you want to target and for that, you will need to do some research initially on your own. It is not wise or recommended that you proceed with your assumption that you think you know the keyword. You should, in fact, check the instincts and your insights.

  • You must use different keyword tools so that you gain a fair idea and analytical results of the search volume for the keyword. 
  • You must also know the competition for the specific keyword you have chosen before you finally choose one and decide to use it in your content.

For this, you will have to make a few considerations so that you finally choose the right keyword for your website redesign. The main considerations are:

  • Choosing a keyword that has good volume, but not too much volume. Ideally, you should never target a keyword that has a very low search volume comparatively especially when you know that there are a few equivalent terms that are much more popular. 
  • You should also not select a keyword with the highest volume or difficulty because there are some keywords that are simply very competitive but may not be fit for your business. This means you will not rank high for “restaurant” unless you are, in fact, a restaurant. Therefore, choosing a keyword that is relevant to your business model is compulsory.

Therefore, make sure that you take time to choose your keyword and choose the one that is relevant to your business as well as your site.

You will be better off in your site redesign process if you remember a few things at this point such as:

  • It is only the right keyword that will fetch you a lot of real return on your search ranking endeavor. 
  • It is also necessary to remember at this point that ranking high in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs and being particularly valuable will not happen unless your site is driving valuable traffic and sales leads. 

Therefore, at this stage of your website redesign process, you should have a proper and clear list of those terms that have a very close variation on your primary keyword. These words will help you a great deal when you write and optimize your content later on.

Check the competition

Lastly, check out the competition once you finally decide the specific keyword. The best way to do this is to search for it on Google as well as a few other search engines. When you do so pay specific attention to:

  • The URLs and the domains to find out the exact match domains and whether every URL in the top 10 ranks include the keyword
  • The titles to find how well the title tags integrate the keyword
  • The type of content that is ranking well whether it is the product pages, videos or blog posts
  • The types of businesses that are doing well in the SERPs and whether these are major brands, small businesses or news sites and 
  • The authority of those sites and their age in the top 10 by using a plugin as well as the size of the link profiles in those sites.

This research will differentiate your site from your competition and help you to rank better.

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