Help me decide if I should use React Native for my startup

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Hi /r/reactnative!

My startup recently got some funding (wohoo!) and I wanted to get your opinion about our use case for RN. I have already built the iOS app in native swift and the codebase is pretty big at this point (10 months full time + 1 year after work). We also have an Android app that was built natively (Java) but is far behind the iOS app. I need help deciding if we should rewrite the Android app (with potential for a web app) in React Native. As this is our first round of funding we will only have enough money to be able to hire one L4 or L5 developer for ~1.5 years. So far, here are the pros and cons I can come up with for choosing RN after doing quite a bit research online and creating a quick test app.


  • Faster to develop
  • (Hopefully) cheaper to develop
  • Can develop for web and Android at the same time
  • Can eventually replace the iOS app (if we go with RN I plan to continue to develop the iOS app until the RN app can replace the iOS app)
  • We are using JS on the backend as well, so developers can more easily hop across the entire stack


  • Harder to find developers, particularly developers at the senior level
  • Have to rely on a single third party (RN) for a large part of our core business
  • There will be way more third party dependencies
  • Potential performance issues & the UX might not be as smooth as native
  • Probably will run into minor issues that are a pain in the ass to debug
  • Bigger app size & memory footprint
  • Far less community support than native
  • In the long term (3-5+ years), RN has the potential to be a huge burden to the business
  • I've read communicating over the bridge should be avoided. If I wanted to build a portion of the app in native on each platform for performance reasons it might be challenging.

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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