Consumer Buzz And SEO Traffic Adds To The Marketing Value

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The value of a business or a brand depends largely on the social media traffic. It is also the consumer buzz that adds to the value of the business. Therefore, you will need to focus on both these aspects. There are a few specific aspects that you should focus on in this context such as:

• User-generated reviews
• The blog signals
• Different recommendations and referrals
• The consumer attitude and
• Advocacy.

All these will affect the firm value.

In addition to that, the web traffic will also affect the level of brand awareness that you have created and wish to create. This will in turn influence customer acquisition. In short, the measure of web traffic is the predictor of performance of the website as well as the stock of the business in the market.

You will come across a host of different accounting literature and information systems that will treat web traffic and consumer buzz separately in order to study and analyze their behavior and relationshipwith the performance of the firm. This is because:

• They consider the interactionbetween traffic and consumer buzz based on the competitive effects
• They study the relationship between the performance of the firm and the web activities initiated by the users
• They collect and consider the unique data set of the consumer buzz and relate it with the different metrics and parameters such as value of the firm and web traffic

In addition to the above, they also use vector auto regressionalong with several other useful and effective exogenous variables model to capture the interdependence and evolution of the time series of these variables that are dependent on the performance of the firm.

This specific model enables them to know about different effects including dynamic, interaction and market competition effects. This in turn helps them in enhancing customer relation management, retention and response to strategic moves of their competitors.

Dynamics of customer interaction

Customer interaction on the social media platforms plays a significant role in the number of organic traffic that a site would have. It largely depends on dynamics and nature of such interactions made by the customers with the organization and vice versa.

Ideally, it is seen that this type of interactions are gaining popularity and prominence. This is in fact having a dual effect.

• As for the marketers it is helping them in managing customer relationship in a much better way and
• As for the consumers, it is helping them to make a larger influence in the online domain much more significantly.

This means that the contemporary consumers will consider the information available regarding the product or brand that is available on the internet and provided by other customers more than they will rely on the info furnished by the brands themselves.

In short, the digital consumers of today to gain more value with their preferences kept at the center through such collaborative and customized interactions.

Efforts to reach to the target audience

It is very hard to choose the right ways in which you can reach to your target audience given that there are so many options and data available that it will push you in any direction when you use social media platforms, Facebook or Instagram or any other for your business and product marketing.

However, if you want to generate more organic traffic rather than buy real Instagram likes for that matter you will need to follow a specific guideline.

You will need to target your audience of each marketing channel you use so that you can get:

• More traffic
• More relevant engagement
• Increase the volume of your sales and
• More business profit.

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, each will have its own specific built-in target audience. This is what that should actas a template depending on your brand, product or service.

Also make sure that you focus on the content types, the interface, posting schedule and tracking and other tools to measure your efforts and make the necessary changes as and when required.

Focusing on SEO

The impact of social media on business marketing is immense and Search Engine Optimization or SEO is something that you should not overlook at any cost. This is ideally the best process that will help your site to gain high ranks in the Search Engine Result pages so that your customers can find you easily. And, with the carefully crafted content in it, you will be able to create a lot of buzz among the consumers, which is the primary requirement to make your business marketing successful.

Optimizing here means:

• Making proper configurations to the codes of the websites
• Ensure better content settings, posting and structure
• Create a better visual effect and higher visibility.

This will ensure that the search engines will find it easy to understand what the site is all about and crawl or read it. This will enhance your chances to gain a better rankings.

Gain direct traffic

When you use SEO and consumer buzz you will be able to gain more direct traffic to your site. However, to ensure this you will need to build a website that will not only be appealing and meaningful but will ensure that it makes animpactful social presence. SEO will help you in this regards. You can follow different approaches for this such as:

• Using paid ads
• Through ordinary means of communication
• By proper communitybuilding and more.

Apart from gaining direct traffic to your site, SEO will also create a lot of consumer buzz as the word will be spread much easily among the social followers. This will help in generating better and faster responses.

Since it takes a long time for a site to produce measurable and equivalent results through searches, you will need to create a viral content. This will help you to reach out to the population cap of the specific social media platform that you are using.

Therefore, focusing on these two aspects of social media marketing will ensure top search results using queries and keywords.

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